Greetings Party Members!

Welcome to the new campaign headquarters. Get used to it because this is going to become the major hub of activity whenever we’re not actively gaming, and it will also become the logistics hub of the campaign as well, as you’ll be coming here for your loot and a generous helping of experience.

Website News: February 28th, 2010

1. The first two adventure Logs are complete and number 3 is on the way. Rules for updating the wiki site are as follows: Each character can update 1 or 2 wiki links in each adventure log. Updating a wiki link will net your character 500 experience points. Therefore, after every adventure, each character will be able to gain an additional 1000 possible experience points by updating 2 wiki links. Each character can also gain 500 experience points for creating their character’s wiki page. (Take a look at Kallista for an example). Another reminder about this new system. The campaign is going to progress at a pace as if each party member were to complete their wiki updates after each adventure. So if you do NOT update wiki links eventually the campaign will be much higher level than you, and the monsters you face will eventually overpower you. As of now, JT has updated 4 wiki links and her character sheet, and has progressed to 13th level. Therefor the campaign is set at 13th level. Your next adventure may prove to be difficult if the rest of the players do not progress.

2. Your character profiles are created, once you have created an Obsidian Portal account and signed onto this campaign website I will give you control of your character profile and you will be able to make changes. Extra experience will be awarded to those with a robust character background filled out, and if you already have one and emailed it to me, please transfer it to your website character profile here.

Campaign News: February 22nd, 2010

1. Aeluin will be moved to NPC status after Steve’s wife leaves us and will likely be a reoccuring character that can help the party in certain situations.

2. I have created 3 pre-made characters that are/will be reoccuring characters in the campaign as well so when new folks arrive or decide to jump into the game there will be characters available to avoid the problem of having 3 rangers in the party again. (Not that that’s a bad thing.) Again these pre-mades are already part of the campaign and could take a more significant roll, or are planned to be in the campaign at some point and could be brought in if another player took up his roll. (Or they can be used if a player dies or wishes to retire.)

Orgoths Bastion

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