Orgoths Bastion

Look at the Bones!

The party was transported into a dark and baron cavern filled to their knees (and higher on some of the shorter folk) with bones. A massive golden statue of a defeated demon, standing nearly 30’ tall and chained to the surface beneath the bone stood refracting the party’s torchlight, only to reveal a host of Bone Nagas and Tomb Guardians. Victorious after a hard fought battle, the party is left to wonder at the exit from this massive, dark cavern. The only distinguishable feature, being the giant imprisoned statue.

After several hours of searching, the party comes up with no noticeable means of escape, but does manage to find several thousand gold buried beneath the bones, likely belonging to the departed souls littering the floor. Totaling 8,000 gold in all. Several other trinkets are comiled by the party members at the base of the statue as well, which Kallista can easily identify.

Among the noticeable items are an - Orb of Impenetrable Escape Plus 4 - Two Pouches of Shared Acquisition - Grace Ring of Salvation - Cord of Divine Favor - Factotum Helm

The party now stands at the center of the room and this is where our adventure starts. Good luck. Looking closer at this statue you can see a brass plate at the base with name Vaylen the Flame.


The tumultuous time after the Spellplague has left Faerun mightily scarred and the kingdom of Tethyr was no exception. The Wealdath, an ancient stand of sparse trees that held safe a long lasting elven kingdom is now teaming with mutated abberations. Old Shanatar, an abandoned dwarven kingdom built below what is now a bustling human kingdom (with its own intricate problems), has now reopened and adventurers have reported seeing strange denizens unfamiliar to this region.

While the races of Tethyr struggle to survive amidst these new dangers, a long dormant threat looms to the East. Orgoth’s Tower has welcomed home its old master. Returned from a realm beyond, Orgoth now takes up residence in the home he once claimed has begun wild new experiments. Undead and Demons have been sited near the tower and it is said that Orgoth even maintains a network of spies that fly through the air, and can hide amongst the populace.

Whether these rumors hold true, remains to be seen, but our heroes know the reality.

Orgoth has in fact managed to exert control over several powerful undead minions who scour the land seeking to close off all entrances to the tower and fortify its defenses. One of Orgoth’s mightiest followers, Nayn Mai’esti has been of particular interest to the group. Seemingly fighting against them while sparing them any harm when it seems possible.

In the group’s latest adventure they find themselves with Nayn once again at the base of Orgoth’s tower. An entrance discovered by traveling through the Feywilde and under Old Shanatar. Nayn has told the group that he cannot help them defeat Orgoth for reasons unknown, but if they should succeed they should seek him out, and he may be able to help them further.

Inside Orgoth’s Tower, the party has discovered a myriad of strange scenes, puzzles and traps, and one thing seems certain. If Orgoth does take residence in the tower, he is not the only one that claims the prize. The demon-tainted Illithid, Sarkriss had staked a claim in a chamber deep beneath the tower but was defeated by our heroes.

What else could possibly be taking refuge in such a dark place?

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